The experienced team at Zwetsch Law Group PA provides experienced business counsel and litigation services for clients throughout Florida.

When – Not If – A Dispute Happens, Get Representation You Can Trust

On a long enough timeline, every business will likely end up in a dispute. While they are stressful and aggravating, arguments do not have to take over your business. In fact, with the right representation, you can pursue your goals and allow your legal team to take the reins in getting a resolution.

Kevin Zwetsch, founder of Zwetsch Law Group PA, is an attorney with a respected history of providing skilled, thorough litigation services. He offers his experience to businesses and employees in St. Petersburg and throughout Florida. The firm’s goal is to find the best solution for you, no matter what the particulars of your dispute are.

Legal Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Under attorney Zwetsch’s guidance, Zwetsch Law Group PA provides personally tailored legal services to each of the firm’s clients. He uses his experience in Florida law and understanding of business to build unique, detailed legal plans for every case. The firm offers clients skilled advocacy in such matters as:

These issues can potentially cause massive disputes within and outside your company. When your business is in a situation where a disagreement becomes an existential threat to the business, you need assistance you can rely on.

Representation For Employees

Attorney Zwetsch has been a reliable, trusted legal resource to clients because of his attention to detail and willingness to think “outside the box” about disputes. He offers dedication and comprehensive employment counseling and litigation services in such matters as:

  • Compensation concerns, including wage and hour disputes and unpaid commissions
  • Discrimination fights, including sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Whistleblower rights issues up to and including retaliation

Additionally, he has extensive experience in both negotiation and litigation of noncompete agreements. These are always urgent matters, and he responds quickly to help you get control of the situation at hand.

Choose The Right Firm For Your Legal Problems

When choosing outside legal counsel for a lawsuit, you want to find a lawyer whom you can trust to work diligently and find solutions. That’s exactly what attorney Zwetsch has built his career doing. He takes on the issues facing your business and works tirelessly to get a resolution, whether in or out of a courtroom.

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