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Effective Solutions For Noncompete Disputes

Restrictive noncompete agreements can make finding work with a new employer difficult and may result in legal action from a former employer. For workers in Florida who are facing a lawsuit due to claims of violating a no compete clause, the firm of Zwetsch Law Group PA is here for you. Attorney Kevin Zwetsch understands the urgency of these matters and the necessity for clear, prompt communication.

Should you hire attorney Zwetsch to represent you, you can rest assured that your case is in the hands of an reputable litigation attorney with significant experience with noncompete agreement issues.

Settle Unpaid Wage Claims With The Right Legal Guidance

All employees, regardless of industry, deserve rightful compensation for the hours they have contributed to their employer. Unfair wages, employee misclassification, unpaid bonuses and commission, and missing overtime pay are serious issues. Attorney Zwetsch has handled many unpaid wage cases for clients throughout Florida. If you have been the victim of unpaid wages or unfair compensation for your hard work, make sure you have the right legal advocate on your side.
When you hire Zwetsch Law Group PA to represent you, you can expect to receive effective, strong legal representation from a wage and hour lawyer who will be at your side every step of the way.

Business Divorce Can Be Complicated. Zwetsch Law Group PA Can Help.

Having trusted legal counsel to advise and represent your business may prove to be a crucial component for long-term success. Attorney Zwetsch has helped many companies and business owners throughout Florida as they navigate business divorce and settle complicated business disputes. Additionally, he provides general business counsel when needed, whether a matter needs to be settled immediately or years down the line.
Whatever your business need, Zwetsch Law Group PA will work tirelessly to represent and protect your best interests.

When facing a lawsuit, you deserve a strong legal defender in your corner. The litigation team at Zwetsch Law Group PA has decades of legal experience and knows how to protect the rights of employees. Schedule a consultation to learn more.