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Employment Counseling & Litigation Attorney
Serving Clients Across Florida

Counseling and Assistance for Workers and Business Owners with Employees

Individual employees, class action groups of employees, and employers of all sizes and varieties make up the client base of Zwetsch Law Group P.A. in St. Petersburg. Clients come from throughout the Tampa Bay region as well as from other parts of Florida. Attorney Kevin D. Zwetsch’s business background as well as his many accomplishments in the practice of law make him a natural adviser for employees and employers alike with legal concerns involving employment.

With extensive knowledge of both sides of an employment issue, attorney Zwetsch and the team at Zwetsch Law Group P.A. are well-equipped to give each client top-rate service, regardless of which side of a dispute or challenge they find themselves on.

A Flexible Resource for Employees and Employers

Workers sometimes wonder how to protect themselves from potential whistleblower retaliation or they wish for a lawyer’s review of a non-compete agreement they are being asked to sign. Mr. Zwetsch offers such services and many others that help employees make wise decisions in their interactions with their employers.

Employers, on the other hand, often look for:

Zwetsch Law Group P.A. offers these and many other services, partnering with employers to provide effective explanations and supervision of employees.

Request the employment counseling that you need as an employee or employer in Florida. Zwetsch Law Group P.A. is here for you.

You Have Rights as an Employee

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Dispute Prevention and Resolution

The most cost-effective litigation is no litigation at all. In other words, preventing lawsuits is a valuable investment for employers as well as for employees whose cases may or may not succeed in a court of law. It is usually far better to resolve disputes upfront than it is to bring claims after disagreements have escalated to the litigation stage.

Sometimes a dispute must go to mediation or a trial to get the right result. At Zwetsch Law Group P.A., clients’ best interests come first. Request a consultation to discuss the employment law problems that you are facing as an employee or employer, such as:

  • Disputes over wage and hour claims, with allegations of unpaid wages, overtime, commissions, and bonuses

  • Allegedly unpaid benefits and/or overtime because of misclassification as an independent contractor instead of an employee

  • Accusations of sexual discrimination and harassment and other forms of discrimination, harassment, or whistleblower retaliation

  • Claims of Equal Pay Act violations and gender discrimination in the workplace

  • Noncompete agreements, trade secret violation allegations, and other types of nondisclosure and restrictive covenant violation claims

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) retaliation claims and related employee-employer disagreements over sick or family leave

  • Review of employment contracts and severance agreements

Serving Workers and Businesses Throughout Florida

To request a consultation regarding a noncompete agreement dispute, or any employment or business-related dispute in the Tampa Bay area or beyond, call or send a quick message for a prompt response.