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Disputes Over Pay Stubs

Employee compensation, especially hourly pay, should always be a straightforward matter. Florida and federal law demand that people receive pay for their work hours. However, issues with this simple fact are often the bases for many legal problems.

At Zwetsch Law Group P.A., attorney Kevin Zwetsch has spent his career offering efficient, effective legal guidance to employees with wage and hour complaints in St. Petersburg. These are urgent matters, and you want to know that your lawyer will move quickly for you. Mr. Zwetsch will speak with you about your case and take steps to get the help you need.

Common Wage and Hour Problems

As a worker, you may not know when you’ve had an issue with your weekly pay. You may get your paycheck and notice it’s a little smaller than you expected and not think much of it. However, if that’s the case, your employer may have chosen not to pay you for such things as:

  • Short breaks under 20 minutes

  • Mandatory training

  • Security screenings

  • On-call time

Get an Attorney on Your Side

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Often, people work overtime strictly because of the circumstances and are told that their employer “cannot afford it,” so they aren’t paid.

There are many ways – both malicious and unintentional – that employers end up underpaying their workers. However, as a worker, you have every right to pursue the pay owed to you, and Zwetsch Law Group P.A. can help.

Defending Against Wage and Hour Complaints

Attorney Zwetsch provides his understanding of Florida’s employment law to protect against invalid wage and hour claims. He understands both sides of the issue in a wage and hour claim, which allows him to act quickly and effectively to resolve the issue.

Move Quickly – Contact Zwetsch Law Group P.A.

The need for efficiency in these matters cannot be overstated. You have to take steps to secure your pay or defend against a complaint quickly. Waiting will not resolve the problem, but attorney Zwetsch can act promptly to help. Call the firm or send an email to get started.