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How Enforceable Are Noncompete Agreements?

Many employers, from small businesses to large fortune 500 companies, require employees to sign noncompete agreements. While the law does allow these, they must meet strict guidelines to maintain enforceability. If there is any question about the enforceability of a noncompete contract, you cannot afford to wait.

Attorney Kevin Zwetsch has extensive experience representing employees and employers in disputes over noncompete agreements, non-solicit agreements, and other restrictive covenants. Noncompetition disputes are urgent matters, so if you have a problem, reach out as soon as possible.

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What Makes – or Breaks – a Noncompetition Agreement?

The fact is that an employer has a right to require a non-compete agreement to protect their competitive edge. However, that right is not endless. A non-competition agreement can very quickly become unenforceable if the terms are:

  • Too restrictive in the scope of acts

  • Too long in scope of time

  • Too wide in scope of geographical area

It is not enforceable if the agreement bars any actions related to your work, anywhere, for an extensive period of time. Your contract may also be invalid if you’re not working in competition with your former employer or if they have “unclean hands,” and you were a victim of wage theft or withheld commissions.

Few, if any, noncompetition agreements will go so far as to be so obviously restrictive. Yet, as an employee, you may find yourself laboring under the unfair terms of a contract.

Enforcing a Noncompetition Agreement

While some agreements can be too restrictive, not all of them are, and you have the right to defend yourself. Attorney Zwetsch offers his skills to employers in disputes involving their restrictive covenants. He uses his detailed understanding of Florida law to provide fast, efficient, and thorough responses to noncompete litigation.

These Are Complicated Matters Requiring Dedication

Noncompete and non-solicit agreements are overly complex legal matters that demand the attention and skill of a determined lawyer. That’s exactly what Zwetsch Law Group P.A. offers.

To learn more about the firm’s personalized business litigation services, contact its office in St. Petersburg by calling or sending an email.