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Is It Time to End Your Business Partnership?

A business partnership is like a marriage – mutual goals and needs bring you together – but disputes can threaten that. Partnership disputes can cause a once-thriving business to fall apart. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Attorney Kevin Zwetsch understands the high stakes of a partnership dispute. They are often highly stressful, expensive, and distracting, but a fight does not necessarily have to end in a business divorce. With the team at Zwetsch Law Group P.A. on your side, you will understand all your options and get assistance in pursuing the strategy right for you under Florida law.

Why a Business Divorce Is so Destructive

Much like the end of a marriage, there are many reasons a partnership begins to break down. Common examples of partnership disputes that arise include:

  • Breaches of partnership agreements

  • Fiduciary duty violations

  • Fraud and misrepresentation

  • Misappropriation of company assets and corporate theft

  • Embezzlement

  • Management and owner conflicts

However, unlike in a marriage, there is often no such concept as “community property” or “equitable division,” and your outcome depends on your case. The division of business assets will be one of your most difficult struggles.

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Does the Partnership Have to End?

Not necessarily. There have been many instances where both sides reached an agreement in mediation or negotiation, which allowed the partnerships to continue. Even if there is no way to continue the partnership, it doesn’t have to become a contentious, destructive battle.

Attorney Zwetsch prioritizes finding the best option for his clients. That may mean going to court to battle over every asset or finding an unconventional agreement. He pursues what he sees as the most effective options for his clients.

A Lawyer Who Knows What Is at Stake

Contact the St. Petersburg office of Zwetsch Law Group P.A. or send an email using this form. You can discuss your partnership problems with a dedicated attorney and learn what your next steps can and should be.