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Diverse employees dispute with Asian female workers

Moving Forward After the Breakdown of a Business Partnership

A business partnership is like a marriage – mutual goals and needs bring you together – but disputes can threaten that. Partnership disputes can cause a once-thriving business to fall apart. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Businessman with attorney taking legal consultation

Unpaid Commission & Bonuses Attorney

Just as wait staff in restaurants often depend on tips to make living wages, so, too, do many high-end professionals rely on commissions and bonuses as rewards for their services. Industries in which commissions and bonuses are common include corporate sales, financial brokerages, Fortune 500 companies, financial services, and real estate sales.

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Attorney Kevin D. Zwetsch has been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America®

Attorney Kevin D. Zwetsch has been recognized again by his peers in the milestone 30th edition of The Best Lawyers in America® for his exceptional work in Commercial Litigation, Litigation - Labor and Employment, Labor Law - Management, and Employment Law - Management.

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Sad warehouse factory worker women after receiving low cut salary

Florida’s Common Wage and Hour Disputes

Employee compensation, especially hourly pay, should always be a straightforward matter. Florida and federal law demand that people receive pay for their work hours. However, issues with this simple fact are often the bases for many legal problems.

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Can a Business Offer Comp Time Instead of Overtime?

When employees are being paid an hourly rate, that rate changes if they work overtime. They’re supposed to be paid time and a half.

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What Impact Does a Non-Solicitation Agreement Have on Your Work?

Every time you accept a new job, you have to negotiate an employment contract. Many professionals simply sign the documents that their new employers provide without changing or challenging anything.

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3 Ways Employers Deny You the Wages You Deserve

There are dozens of state and federal statutes that establish specific legal obligations for employers. They need to adhere to federal safety standards and carry workers’ compensation insurance that complies with state guidelines.

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3 Reasons It May Be Time to Consider a Business Divorce

Talking about a business partnership with someone is an awful lot like proposing marriage. You will essentially suggest that the two of you work cooperatively for years to come.

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When Do You Become a Whistleblower?

Capitalist businesses frequently put profits ahead of everything else, including the law, the well-being of their employees and the safety of the general public.

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Do the Florida Civil Courts Uphold Noncompete Agreements?

Employees and employers often have conflicting needs when starting a new employment arrangement. A business wants to minimize its operating costs while maximizing the return on the investments it does make.

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